PRBB Auditorium
CRG – Centre for Genomic Regulation

Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain

How to get to the CRG?

Need an invitation letter?

Please contact your relevant embassy or consulate to find out what exactly you need in order to apply for a visa. There may be some specific text or personal details that must be mentioned in your invitation letter. Check if a fax or scan of the letter is sufficient – this is sometimes the case and will speed up the process. Once you know what is required, please register and send Blanka Wysocka an email, so she can issue an invitation letter using the specific information requested by the embassy or consulate.

A part from the information requested by the embassy or consulate, please include the next information in the email:

  1. Your complete name(s) and surname(s)
  2. Your passport number
  3. Your complete address where I can send you the letter
  4. If the embassy requests to add an address where you will be accommodated during the Symposium or your flight information, please forward or attach the necessary reservation confirmations.